Our Felt:

All hats may look the same at a glance but the difference can be seen when up close and felt in the hand. When compared with the wool felt hats dominating todays market, genuine fur felt hats have a softer, silkier feel to them that only gets better with age. Fur felt hats are also naturally water resistant making them perfect companions in inclement weather. If you do get your new hat wet, you will also be pleased to find out it will not shrink when drying as wool felt hats do.

I use only high end rabbit and beaver fur felts to make my hats. Thinner, lighter felt is used to make smaller brimmed dress hats such as fedoras. While a thicker more robust felt is used to make wider brimmed hats. 


How Your Hat is Made

Each hat is made entirely by hand using turn of the century tools and techniques. Each hat takes time, averaging 12 to 15 hours to complete and over 83 hands on procedures. From refining the felt down to a smooth even finish, to hand stitching the sweatband and ribbon in place, and even cutting and sewing our own crown liners - each step is a labor of love completed by hand with no glue ever being used in the production of our hats. 

At Kansas City Hatters there is no small medium and large. Our hats are built off of your head measurement to ensure the best possible fit. In person appointments allow me to offer the pinnacle in custom hat making using an antique machine called a conformateur. This machine is used to take the exact size and shape of your head. Head shapes are like fingerprints, no two are the same. The conformateur gives me a miniature map of your head which I am then able to build into your hat, resulting in a hat tailor made to your head. 



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